Monday, February 20, 2012

Presidents Day


Its a Monday night. President's day to be exact. I am watching Jeopardy with my momma and 3 dogs and I am not doing well. Usually I can get a few questions but not so much tonight. It was a day of studying. Thanks to my two friends from school we had a successful study session. Its amazing how having someone explain things in their own words makes things makes more sense. I studied all week and week end. I read the book, went over outlines, reviewed the power points and I still don't feel confidant. Oh well. Thats just me. After tomorrow, its time to study for another test next never ends.

Anyways...I am soooo ready for a vacation. I really want to take a long weekend and sit on the beach with my boyfriend. I have never been to Miami but neither of us has the money to do that so we will just have to spray tan and drink a margarita in a thermos.

I have been trying to be good and study non-stop but I get side tracked with a few youtube videos every now and then. If any one needs a good laugh you should watch Jenna Marbles new video about land sharks. Hilarious! hahaha, totally my kind of humor.

Ugh I am so exhausted. Time for a bowl of cereal.

Later y'all.


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