Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 1...part 2

Let the venting begin...

So I am in Nursing school, and no I didn't think it would be easy, but I definitely didn't think I was going to be pooping my pants every time a grade is posted for a test. Not sure why the teachers aren't doing their best to make great tests and to relate to what they teach (or don't teach) in class but I guess everyone else gets it since there are those who get all A's. Blah.

My mom is sick. For all my fellow nursing students, my mom has a re-occurance of her colorectal cancer from last year. It is due to scar tissue surrounded with left over cancer cells around her ureter (which was accidentally snipped during surgery to remove unnecessary involved cancerous "parts"). She became aware of the re-occurance due to pressure and pain in her stomach kidney area that turned out to be hydro-nephrosis of the kidney, which was caused by the scar tissue clamping down on the fixed ureter causing fluid back up in the kidney. (Thats a lot I know...sorry)
Anyways...chemo is underway. WE ARE GONNA KICK ITS DUMB CANCER ASS!!!!

As for my slight makeup obsession. I work at Sephora, but by work I mean I pretty much hang around and put makeup on people and just bring home stuff. I usually spend my paycheck there so its like I am not working just hanging out and being asked for a look that will "bring out my eyes and make them pop". Ugh.

I watch lots of makeup tutorials on line (probably why I can't pass my tests in school) and a lot of professionals do them so they are legit. Try Goss makeup artist, or pixiwoo or kandee johnson. All really great. It gets my mind off hydro-nephrosis and dumb tests and whatever else is bothering me.

The one thing I won't be talking about is my relationship. I am in a relationship with a great guy, but I am sure he wants to keep it private...plus EVERYONE talks about relationship drama so I am going to avoid it. XOX ML

Ok. Thats enough for one day. I have a lot to say but I will keep you on your toes. Hahah.

WAIT! oh my gosh, I just saw a commercial for multigrain cheerios PEANUT BUTTER! Holy moly there is nothing wrong about that statement. So excited!

Ok Bye.


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