Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 3

Another somber day.

I mostly played with infants, took a few vital signs for a woman fresh out of a c-section and gave an injection of Rhogam. Nothing crazy.

Then I took a nap...which was like 10 min, since the dogs decided to bark every few minutes and it was so bright in my house.

I organized all my papers for upcoming projects, papers, exams and put clothes away. I picked up a dead stink bug off my rug along with a few massive hair clumps. That was fun. Thought about cleaning up the stink bug graveyard in our living room under a lamp table thats hard to get to...but I didn't. They are still there. My bad.

My dog charlie has some sort of eye infection, so I cleaned up green eye goo about 10 times. He loves rubbing his face on my lap. Not so cute when there is green pus coming out.

I watched jeopardy with my momma and then did a little work. I really need to get my shit together for these next exams. I suck at taking tests. I hate them and they hate me!

I am now getting ready to go to bed and I realized that this entry was a BORING PIECE OF CRAP! hahaha maybe I should only write when I have something interesting to say or bitch about.

Sorry for the randomness and boring banter.


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