Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 4...V-day and the Lorax


So it has been a few days since I last blogged. Tried to let things accumulate so I would have more things to talk about, but nothing earth shattering has happened so I will just chat as usual.

Happy belated Valentines day to all. Yesterday was the Hallmark equivalent of world peace and it was again a lovely one for me. I received a lovely display of flowers (multi colored roses), chocolates, a teddy bear, and a cool necklace from my mom. I really don't understand the hatred people have toward this pink and red filled holiday. I mean, I can understand when your single and everyone around you is making a big stink about dinner plans with their husband/wife/GF/BF and they make it more annoying then people who don't say thank you when you hold the door for them, but Valentine's day is about Love.

Love comes in all shapes and sizes and does not have to be the love between lovers. For me it has always been a fun day to wear either as much pink or red as possible (not so much now since most of my wardrobe is black) and for my mom to give my sister and I silly little gifts when we wake up, like cupid came and left us little treats. Either its candy and a fuzzy pair of valentines socks, or a DVD or music or something, but its just a fun way to show she loves us. That is what it should be. If you don't have someone to love (a GF/BF/Wife/Husband) you should be going out and showing love any way you can. Share the love damn it!

Anyways...I enjoyed the day, and the vanilla pink cake I made.

I would just like to say that I really can't wait for my next vacation. Not sure when that is going to be, but when it comes it will be well deserved. I can't wait to get first day sunburn, 5th day stomach cramps and be broke from all the crap I bought before and after going. I just want some warm sun on my face and a drink in my hand. Vegas may be this summer, but I really want a tropical beach getaway. Hmmm...

I am looking forward to the new Kardashian Kollection Nail polishes and the movie the Lorax. Random but oh so fun.

Alright. Early day tomorrow. Night y'all.


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