Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 2

Hey there.

So I learned about a pretty rare disease today. Its a rare bowel disease called Hirschsprung's Disease. Its when the nerves in parts of your bowel don't work causing the motility that your intestines usually have to not move, causing the contents inside to back up and cause an obstruction. Maybe not cool to you, but its cool to me!

Anyways...on to more important and way cooler stuff, like hair and makeup (jk). I am so into the hair style called ombre. Its when the top half of your hair is dark and the bottom half is lighter. See photo below.


My hair is not long enough to do it but its super trendy and I really love it. (Hey why did my font change? oh well too lazy to fix it)

I am also really into blush lately too. I have been using two...on top of bronzer...(and to all my fellow UMDNJ friends you may never see me with this since I where minimal to school) I know that seems silly but I love contouring and then a brownish blush and then a pink or peach blush just on the apples of my cheeks. Its fun for me ok!!!!!

On a sad note. Not sure who knows about that disaster of a human who killed his two sons, took his own life and probably killed his wife a few years earlier, but people like this make me ashamed to be in the human genus. This man not only set the house on fire with these two little boys inside, he chopped them in the back of the neck and head with an axe. That horrific act did not kill them though. They died from the smoke inhalation.......I do not understand what brings someone to this. The human brain is an amazing thing, but for this type of action to ever register as being acceptable or ok in there is the most awful thing imaginable. I am going to pray for these boys tonight. I hope they are safe with their mother in heaven.

On a way different note, I find that I am just eating food to eat it. I am bored. I find myself eating the same things, but I am not thrilled at all and find myself feeling blah after. Maybe because I occasionally watch Top Chef on TV and the things they make look so fantastic that it makes everything in my pantry seem like licking dirt or smelling water. I am in need of a dining extravaganza, where I can get my taste buds thrown for a loop. Maybe something with a rare item or something I haven't had. Like some crazy mushrooms or sauces or something. Ahhh I miss Manhattan cuisine the most!

Alright. Time for bed, and yes its only 9pm. Labor and Delivery bright and early.

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